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Goals & Philosophy

Our goals at NHW this year are:
  • To display our PRIDE habits
  • To do our best work
  • To work as a team
Our Philosophy:

North Hopewell-Winterstown is based on a "family" atmosphere in which our staff, students, and parents work together toward a common goal of educating the children to their fullest potential.  We have 15 classrooms, K-6, including a primary learning support and an intermediate learning support classroom.  Our theme for the 2016-2017 school year is:

"Focused on the district's expectations that all students have PRIDE"
Students will be recognized for displaying these traits at any time during the school day.  Students will receive "tickets" from NHW staff members.  These "tickets" will be placed in a drawing; from this drawing weekly, monthly, and yearly prizes will be awarded.  In addition, each month one student per class will be selected as exhibiting "PRIDE" traits.   Students will then be recognized on the bulletin board near the lobby, as well as in the school newsletter.  These students will have additional "tickets" placed in the drawing for prizes.